Other: Mind-blowing facts about F1 that every fan should know

People become addicted to adventurous and exciting things that they see in their lives.

Whether it is craft or games, these things excite people and their interests. Well, ever since the automobile sector has bloomed, people have tried to put all their efforts and machines to match the speed of the latest cars. They want to have cars, which can go faster as well as on the longest routes.

In different parts of the world, people love to do different things like in the USA, people are fond of NASCAR while in another part of the world, people enjoy racing. One of the most common motorsports that attract everyone’s attention and interest is Formula F1 racing.

The F1 or Formula One was first started in 1950 and year by year the popularity of this sport is growing up. However, it is a very expensive game with the annual budget for teams running well above $500 million. As well as, the history of this game is so vast that we can’t know everything in a single article. We are making a list of mind-blowing facts to know so that you can claim to be the biggest fan of F1. Well, stakers.com is the company which is extremely involved in this sport and gives all the details of Formula F1.

Here are the facts which you should know:

Price of the F1 car:

As we know, luxury things come with not so pocket-friendly rates, especially when we are talking about racing cars. There can be two reasons why these cars are so expensive. Some have luxury features while some have tremendous speed. Well, we know Bugatti is the most expensive car, which comes with the price tag of $1.5 million while the price of an F1 car will shake your legs as it cost around $9.5 million.

Weight Loss of Drivers:

F1 cars are fully technical as well as they include the utilization of basic physics principles and even biology. Drivers can actually lose weight and you must be thinking how. If you walk around the corner then, you are using a force of 1G on yourself. Inside a Formula F1 car, driver experiences 5Gs of power which make them lose around 4 kgs of weight.

3 seconds for tires change:

If you have a car then, you must be aware of how long it takes to change the tire. Drivers of F1 cars, in order to win and maintain the speed in racing, have to change as fast as they can. Formula F1 pit stop lasts only three seconds.

Fastest machine in the world:

When it comes to speed and raw power then, there is no comparison of Formula F1 cars. They are developed for only one purpose and that is to go as fast as they can on the track. The average speed is 360 kph.

18,000 RPM:

Do you know the most complicated machine in the world? No! Then, here is the answer. Formula F1 car is one of the most complicated machines in the world and due to this, the price is also very high. It needs the highest level of accuracy and no other car needs this level of accuracy. The regular cars go up to 6, 000 rpm but, an F1 engine can go up to 18, 000 rpm.

Well, the number of injuries is also very high but, to reduce this rescue team is there. They have only 30 seconds to treat people. High risk and high fun, both are the main aspects involved in Formula F1 cars. Drivers of these cars are so brave that they even don’t care about their lives as they believe passion is everything.