Other: Why Formula One is the Best Sport in the World

Formula One is the highest level of single-seat car racing you can get, and as such enjoys immense investment and legions of fans from almost every country in the world.

With famous drivers and iconic teams, Formula One is about much more than just watching cars race around a track. So, if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, this guide shows you why Formula One is the best sport in the world.

Racing Thrills

Formula One cars can reach mind-boggling speeds, and seeing these incredible machines being driven around tight corners and through long straights is a sight to be seen. Add to this the knocks and spinoffs, the competitive nature of the drivers, together with well-timed pit-stops, and you are in for a thrilling race as a spectator. Whether you are lucky enough to get a ticket, are watching TV with your friend, or have bet on the winner with Unibet, Formula One racing will have you on the edge of your seat. Formula 1 has all the latest information you need to know.


Behind every car on the circuit is a great team of highly skilled mechanics, who work to make their cars the best they can be. Data is collected from almost every part of the car via sensors, and this allows the team to create the best strategies to win over their rivals on the day. This means making decisions about what tyres to use, and when to bring cars in for their pit-stops, as well as other factors. The team is also in contact communication with the driver, the relay of information between them giving them the best chances of winning.

Iconic Circuits

Watching Formula One is even more exciting when you get to see some of the best international racing circuits. Some of the best include Suzuka circuit in Japan, a historic track with a figure of eight design. Monaco circuit brings street racing to the fore, as cars zip through the street and past luxury yachts in this beautiful location. Another iconic circuit is Monza, Italy, a circuit that has hosted more Grand Prix races than any other track.


The technology used to make the cars for Formula One is state of the art, and part of the fun of following the sport is marvelling at the latest technological developments that shave milliseconds off of team lap times.

Formula One is a sport that crowds gather to watch, as well as millions tuning in to see the race worldwide. Its popularity is probably because it appeals to a wide variety of people. There’s those who like the thrill of the race, people who enjoy the technical side of things, as well as it being a sport that is great to watch with friends. While most of us won’t ever be world class racing drivers, during a two-hour Grand Prix, we can experience the thrills, the tension and the spills as we put ourselves in the shoes of our favourite racers, and that is why Formula One is the best sport in the world!