“I have this Force India behind…”: Team radio highlights from the Brazilian GP | 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen complained several time on his radio about the amount of time he was losing with lapped cars before his collision with Esteban Ocon.

The furious Red Bull driver slated his rival on the radio immediately after their collision and again at the end of the race, shortly before he went to confront Ocon.

There were strong words on the radio at Toro Rosso as well. Brendon Hartley was repeatedly frustrated by team mate Pierre Gasly’s refusal to obey orders from the pit wall to let Hartley through.

Things were more light-hearted at Haas, where Romain Grosjean was pleased with a points finished in a damaged car, and Kevin Magnussen channeled Kimi Raikkonen by telling his race engineer to “leave me alone”…

Here are the team radio highlights from the Brazilian Grand Prix. The race began amid concern the rain which affected qualifying would return.

To Perez: Checo at the moment risk of light rain similar to quali. Nothing worse at the moment, we’ll keep you updated.
Hamilton: It’s quite warm so warm-up might not be an issue.
To Hamilton: Yeah it’s just clouding over now as we speak.
Hartley: Please check for puncture, puncture.
To Hartley: All OK so far.
Hartley: OK understeer entry is very big.
To Hartley: Copy that. All OK on data. We keep checking.
To Vandoorne: Stroll has lost DRS. Let’s get him, Stoff.
Hamilton: What tyre is Verstappen on?
To Hamilton: He’s on the same as you, super.

While Lewis Hamilton led the field away Max Verstappen went on the attack, quickly passing the Ferraris. Mercedes’ objective was to out-score Ferrari and clinch the constructors’ championship, so their strategy for Hamilton prioritised covering off the threat from the red cars.

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To Bottas Verstappen will try to brake late on the inside if he tries to overtake.
To Verstappen He’s been told to try and brake up the inside of turn one, Max.
Verstappen OK.
To Verstappen He might be running out of battery as well.
To Grosjean: Tell us about the balance.
Grosjean: It’s not great balance. It’s quite inconsistent in the high-speed. I think damage is not great.
To Alonso: Fernando how are the tyres?
Alonso: They are OK but the traffic, I cannot pass them with the DRS.
Verstappen (Laughing) So slow.
Verstappen That was nice.
To Verstappen Yep great job.
Verstappen It seems like he’s sliding a bit more than me.
To Verstappen OK understood so just creep up on it.
To Ricciardo: Last lap for Hamilton and Verstappen both 14.0s. Bottas is holding everyone up with a 14.5.
Ricciardo: Understood. There’s a lot more pace in it.
To Hamilton: Box, box.
Hamilton: I’ve got another lap in me, dude.
To Hamilton: No let’s go for it. Box, box.
To Verstappen Don’t over-drive it, keep it clean.
Vandoorne: The vibrations are getting worse.
To Vandoorne: Copy, we see the vibrations in the data, it’s coming from the rear tyres. We’re monitoring it, Stoffel, no concern at the moment from our side.
Ericsson: I need to box.
To Ericsson: OK, copy.
Ericsson: I cannot drive this…
To Ericsson: Copy, copy, box.

Verstappen ran a long first stint and although he couldn’t build up enough of a gap to jump ahead of Hamilton he was able to switch to the soft tyres instead of the mediums Hamilton used for his second stint. Hamilton, meanwhile, grew concerned he’d pitted too soon.

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Verstappen Just keep me up-to-date with what they are doing.
To Verstappen At the moment Hamilton’s too quick on the new tyre. But we’re just monitoring the pace of Bottas, make sure we’re not in danger from any under-cut or anything like that.
Hamilton: I stopped too early.
To Hamilton: No, just protecting against the under-cut, Lewis.
Hamilton: We lost ground at the stop, or…?
To Hamilton: No we’re gaining ground.
Verstappen OK, tyres are good.
To Verstappen Understood.
Verstappen Just the backmarkers are a little bit of a pain.
Hamilton: Was I one of the earliest to stop?
To Hamilton: Negative.
To Alonso: OK Fernando it’s box to overtake. How’s the balance?
Alonso: I don’t know!
To Alonso: OK box to overtake please, mate.
To Alonso: Stop, stop, stop.
To Alonso: And the other Williams, Stroll, is just leaving the pit lane now.
Alonso: No more radio for the rest of the race.
To Vandoorne: Stoffel was there any debris in turn seven?
Vandoorne: Ah, there is some debris on the inside, yes. I think they should clean the track.
To Vandoorne: Understood, Stoffel, understood.
Hamilton: So you stopped us massively before everyone else at the moment.
Hamilton: This tyre’s struggling.
Hamilton: Bono you need to give me some info because I’ve got these guys ahead of me pulling away. Max’s killing my time. Give me some info what I’ve got to do.
To Hamilton: So Lewis we need to match Verstappen’s time. Verstappen’s a 13.6 last lap.
Hamilton: Thanks for letting me know.
To Hamilton: Vettel in the pit lane now, stopping for medium.
Hamilton: Is Max in my window?
To Hamilton: You are 0.7 safe.
Hamilton: When were you going to tell me this?
To Hamilton: Lewis I’ve been giving you Verstappen’s times, we need to match these. So 13.6 was his last lap, he’s on course for a 13.5.
Verstappen From my feeling the tyres are getting better
To Verstappen Good news.

Adding to Hamilton’s woes, he began to experience poor power delivery from his engine. Meanwhile Sebastian Vettel had a sensor problem and was told to let his team mate through, while Nico Hulkenberg dropped out of the running. Verstappen, pressing on to increase the pressure on Hamilton, was getting frustrated by backmarkers.

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To Hartley: We have Perez two seconds behind on new softs. We want to keep looking after the tyres. Everything is looking good for plan A.
Hartley: OK. I’m having poor up-shifts.
To Hartley: Everything looks OK with the gearbox. Keep looking after your tyres with Perez.
Hartley: Tyres are getting worse and worse.
To Hartley: Not too long.
To Hartley: Push for at least two more laps, I’ll keep you posted.
Hartley: OK. Are we OK on fuel?
To Hartley: OK for now.
To Hulkenberg: Scenario 12, Nico, we need to box and retire the car.
Hulkenberg: Ah, fuck. What is it?
To Hulkenberg: We’ll tell you when you get back.
To Verstappen Hamilton last lap was a 13.5.
Verstappen OK I think I can do better than that.
To Verstappen Understood.
Verstappen Mate I think my right-rear’s really dropping off.
To Verstappen Understood.
Verstappen And they’re not moving.
To Vettel: Sebastian it’s Jocky. We would like you to let Kimi by and let Kimi have a go at Bottas. This is critical for the race for both of you.
Hamilton: Is my engine OK?
To Hamilton: We’re just monitoring the situation, Lewis. It’s OK for the minute.
Hamilton: Power’s dropping out.
To Hamilton: OK copy we’re looking into it.
Hamilton: And pray for rain.
To Hamilton: So Lewis that super-soft can do 36 laps at least so the wear shouldn’t be an issue.
Hamilton: Wear is not the issue it’s blistering and sliding.
Vettel: Is there any reason why Bottas is so slow?
To Vettel: They are trying to go to the end.
Verstappen I got quite badly compromised towards the end of that stint with the traffic.
To Verstappen Yep understood. You did a hell of a job to get through the traffic at the beginning of the stint, mate, that was an excellent job. We do have several laps fresher tyres than Hamilton. And you’ll see the whites of his tyres as well, they’re mediums.

Verstappen closed on Hamilton after his pit stop and swiftly passed the Mercedes for the lead of the race. He then began edging away, his race engineer reminding him to look after his softer tyres for the run to the chequered flag.

Hamilton: He’s caught me a lot this lap.
To Verstappen Get in there, my son. Get. In There. Right, let’s get a gap to him. You’ve done everything we’ve needed to.
To Hamilton: We’ve got Valtteri in P3.
Hamilton: Has he got engine problems?
To Hamilton: Negative. Just pressure from Raikkonen behind, and Vettel behind him.
Hamilton: Is there nothing we can do there?
To Hamilton: Lewis I think we’ve done everything we can do.
To Verstappen Gap is at 1.8, 1.8. Alright let’s bring it back now. Back to mode eight please. We’re just stroking this home now, Max. We don’t need any pace. We’ll monitor the gap to Hamilton behind. Stroke it home.
To Verstappen Alright Max just control the peak temperature at this stage on the right-rear.
To Verstappen Then we can think about our pace towards the end of the stint. The big thing to control is the wear. As I said right-rear was the limitation first stint. So if you can keep the [unclear] down now it’ll help later.
To Verstappen Gap at 2.2.
To Verstappen Last lap Hamilton 13.7.
Verstappen I didn’t hear it.
To Verstappen 13.7, the gap’s at two seconds.
To Verstappen This’ll be 42 laps complete, 30 to go. Reminder you did 35 laps on your first stint, you have 36 on this one.
Bottas: Some large blister on the rear-left, I’m sure you’ll see.
To Bottas: Copy.

Having reduced his pace Verstappen suddenly had Esteban Ocon, who had just left the pits on a fresh set of the softest tyres available, filling his mirrors. When Ocon tried to un-lap himself, the pair collided.

Verstappen I have this Force India behind me, pushing.
To Verstappen Understood. Yeah he’s out on fresh supers.
To Verstappen Last lap Hamilton 13.7.
Verstappen What a fucking idiot!
Ocon: I don’t think I need to comment what happened. Didn’t leave me space there.
To Ocon: Yep you were ahead and he didn’t leave you space, I understand.
To Hamilton: Verstappen now car behind.
Verstappen What a fucking idiot!
To Verstappen Alright. Calm yourself down for the moment, Max.
Verstappen Ah mate massive floor damage. Fuck!
Verstappen Give me directions with tools.
To Verstappen Yep just looking through the data now.
Verstappen Find pictures, on pictures you can see what’s actually broken.
To Verstappen Yeah we’ve lost load on the pod front, we’re measuring it, I’ll give you an update on data and what we can do with tools but obviously for the moment you know what you can feel so get on that and be proactive.
To Verstappen Charge 10 when you can, Max.
Verstappen Mate battery is empty.
To Verstappen Yeah that’s why we need charge 10, need to charge that up again.
To Verstappen Alright Max we have lost a significant amount of downforce but we think it’s fairly well-balanced so you just need to manage it. Last lap Hamilton 12.9, yours was a 12.7. Gap is at 5.2. We can do this mate, come on.

Over the final laps the engine-troubled Hamilton was slowly caught by Verstappen in his damaged Red Bull.

Hamilton: Need to give me some power guys. Long way to go with the engine turned down like this.
To Hamilton: Copy Lewis. We’re just going to look after the PU at the moment, just keep an eye on it, see what we can do.
Hamilton: I don’t want to lose this position.
To Hamilton: Yeah Lewis, we don’t want to lose the PU.
To Vettel: Can you go quicker? We are considering to stop again.
Vettel: I’m trying to go as fast as I can.
To Vettel: Copy that.
To Verstappen You just put your personal best sector two in there. Still got some in there.
To Bottas: Try and limit how much overtake we’re using. We’re just about to go over the limit. So no more overtake for the moment.
To Ricciardo: OK mate Bottas is not allowed to use any more overtake, he’s been using it a lot this lap, he might be a bit more vulnerable. I do suggest mode seven.
To Alonso: Fernando how are the tyres? Thinking about Plan C.
Alonso: Tyres are OK for another 15 laps.
Hamilton: Are other people struggling on tyres?
To Hamilton: Vettel has just stopped again, not sure why.
To Ricciardo: OK mate we will get him eventually, keep it clean.
Hamilton: How’s this pace considering?
To Hamilton: All things considered, Lewis, pace is good.
To Verstappen Just took seven-tenths out of Hamilton in sector two.
Verstappen Yeah he made a mistake.

Hartley’s strategy put him on a collision course with his team mate Pierre Gasly, who refused to let him through despite repeated instructions from the pit wall, until the race was almost over.

Hartley: OK what’s going to happen when I get to Gasly?
To Hartley: Use anti-deploy middle sector.
Ricciardo: OK I’m coming.
To Ricciardo: Send it.
To Ricciardo: Awesome. Right, Raikkonen four seconds up the road, let’s get him.
To Ricciardo: And there are 11 laps remaining to get a podium. We can use mode seven every lap from turn 12 to turn one. It’s free lap time, let’s use it.
To Hamilton: Lewis go HPP one position three.
Hamilton: How are we doing, Bono?
To Hamilton: All under control at the moment. No concerns yet, we’re just managing it. Verstappen 3.5 behind, last lap was an 11.9.
Hartley: OK I’m getting pretty close to Gasly, guys. I’m going to get held up.
To Hartley: OK stand by. Manage more in turn 11 please, we are critical.
Hartley: If I don’t get by I’m going to get passed by Sainz.
To Hartley: Blue flag for Bottas.
To Hartley: And there is Vettel behind Bottas. Be careful with Sainz.
Hamilton: Quite a lot of understeer.
To Hamilton: OK copy.
Alonso: What is the fastest lap?
To Alonso: It’s currently an 11.3.
To Hartley: Blue flag for Vettel, try not to lose time.
Hartley: Come on guys what’s going to happen with Gasly?
To Hartley: We will direct, stand by for now.
Hartley: Mate I’m [unclear] time.
To Hartley: Next lap, turn four.
To Hartley: Driver swap, driver swap.
Hartley: Yep, he didn’t do it.
Hartley: What’s going on, guys?
To Hartley: Use anti-deploy.
To Hartley: Turn four, driver swap turn four.
To Hartley: Driver swap turn four.
To Gasly: Driver swap turn four now, we need to do it. Stay in front of Sainz.
Gasly: I can’t they’re [censored by FOM] too close, can’t you see?
Hartley: What the fuck is going on, guys?
To Hartley: Back to mode six.
Hamilton: Blue flags coming up guys.
To Hamilton: Copy, we’re on it.
Hartley: The amount of fucking stuff I do for him.
To Hartley: Turn one, now. Driver swap turn one, now. He will do it.
Hartley: Yeah, really?
To Hartley: Mode six, we have blue flag for Leclerc.
To Hamilton: Verstappen at 1.7.
Hamilton: Fronts are losing temp, think they’re worn out.
To Hamilton: From Valtteri’s wear, we think wear won’t be an issue.
To Verstappen Hamilton complaining about his front tyres, Max. Six laps to go.
To Alonso: Sirotkin is our next target, he’s six seconds in front.
Alonso: Which position is Sirotkin?
To Alonso: Sirotkin is in 16th.
Alonso: Wow.
To Alonso: And we’ve got blue flags…
Alonso: Nice target.
To Alonso: …for Verstappen.
Alonso: Yes, yeah, yeah yeah.
To Magnussen: Think about function one.
Magnussen: I am aware, leave me alone.
To Magnussen: Understood, understood mate.
To Ricciardo: OK your battery is full and you’ve got mode seven.
Hamilton: Car’s not turning, got no grip.
Hartley: Mate is he going to let me by? What the fuck’s going on?
Hartley: Mate he’s holding me up so much.
To Hartley: Use anti-deploy middle sector. Use anti-deploy middle sector. Get close to him.
Hartley: Mate I’m right up his fucking arse.
To Gasly: You have to let Hartley by as soon as possible.
Gasly: [Unclear] cannot race. It’s not like we are fighting for the win. He can overtake me if he’s faster than me. I’m medium tyres, he’s on super-softs, sorry but he can’t overtake me, my tyres are completely damaged.
To Gasly: Pierre, swap at turn one.
To Hartley: Driver swap into turn one. We have blue flag for Grosjean behind.
Hartley: Mate you keep saying it but it’s not going to happen.
To Hartley: We have a blue flag for Grosjean, we have to let Grosjean by.
Hartley: Pierre’s a joke.
To Hartley: We have Magnussen behind now. Blue flag for Magnussen behind.
To Hartley: Blue flag for Magnussen.
To Hartley: Overtake available. Three more laps.
Hartley: So what’s happening, guys? I’m not attacking him because you say he’s letting me by. And then he fucking doesn’t do it.
Hartley: Mate I’m so close to him guys come on.
To Hartley: We are asking for turn four again we are asking for driver swap turn four.
To Hartley: Keep saving fuel where you can please.
Hartley: [Unclear] thanks for nothing.
To Hartley: Try to save fuel. Two more laps.
To Hartley: Next lap is last lap, keep saving fuel.
To Hartley: Save as much fuel as you can at the line. Lift-off before the line.
Hartley: Is this the last lap?
To Hartley: Yes this is last lap.
To Hartley: Save fuel, save fuel, mode 11 now.

While Mercedes celebrated the constructors’ championship, a furious Verstappen hinted at his upcoming confrontation with Ocon.

To Hamilton: Yes! That’s it Lewis! That’s the double, mate! Mercedes AMG Petronas world champs! Lewis Hamilton world champ! OK mate we need to keep the pace up, just keep the pace up, just looking after that PU. Just a normal-speed in-lap. HPP eight to 13.
Hamilton: Yes! That’s what I’m talking about, guys. What an amazing frickin’ year for you guys. I’m so proud, I’m so grateful I could do this for you here today. What an amazing accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.
To Hamilton: Lewis we are double world champions! Driver world champion and constructor world champion. What a race. Congratulations.
Hamilton: I better see you all when I get back! Come on.
To Verstappen Mate, I don’t know what to say, mate. I do not know what to say about that.
Verstappen Yeah I know what to say. I hope I can’t find him now in the paddock because then he has a fucking problem. What a dick.
To Verstappen Max you drove brilliantly today. You summed it up brilliantly about Mr Ocon. Compose yourself. You deserved the race victory today. But considering the lack of downforce you’ve got on that car to catch Hamilton the way you did is a hell of a drive.
Verstappen Yeah the car was amazing the whole race. Thank you for that, guys.
To Verstappen No worries Max. You made such light work of getting through them as well. You were not behind them for very long, any of them. It was incredible. You just cut straight through them. Incredible maturity getting through mate. You just didn’t get the cherry on the cake mate but it will come, mate.
Verstappen Yeah. At least we could enjoy the overtakes and the general pace of the car.
To Verstappen You left them standing. It was incredible.
To Verstappen Max please don’t forget to go ignition, P0.
To Raikkonen: Great race. Another podium, P3.
Raikkonen: Yeah thank you. Not easy but we did the best we could.
To Raikkonen: Good job Kimi, thank you.
To Ricciardo: OK mate that was a good drive, good effort there. Finished 0.4 behind Raikkonen there.
Ricciardo: OK thanks. I appreciate it.
To Ricciardo: That was a good drive Daniel. That move on Bottas, we were shitting ourselves down here I tell you. One to go, you’ll be on the podium in Abu Dhabi, keep your head up, that was a great drive.
Ricciardo: Thank you Christian, thank you guys, Appreciate it. Two more weeks.
To Ricciardo: For your info Verstappen was leading when he pitted or softs a few laps before us. He caught and overtook Hamilton, bit of help from a bit of backmarker traffic but he got him on the straight. But then Ocon tried to unlap himself and took Max out at turn two which wasn’t very clever, I’m sure you’ll see it later.
To Bottas: Good job Valtteri, great job. So constructors’ world champions again.
Bottas: Well done guys, congratulations. Every single guy back at the factory and in he race team, thank you, well done, congrats. ***** race for me again.
To Vettel: P6.
Vettel: OK. Well obviously a tough race. Struggling a little bit with the car in terms of balance and also with pick-up. Exit of the corners was difficult, I was struggling to get out of the turns.
To Vettel: OK, understood.
To Leclerc: OK Charles and once again best of the rest. Great race. P7 at the end.
Leclerc: Well done guys. Great race. Pace was crazy.
To Leclerc: Yeah, brilliant drive, thank you very much.
To Grosjean: Great job dude P8, Kevin’s P9.
Grosjean: Good job.
To Grosjean: You were minus 30 points of downforce so that was an incredible drive.
Grosjean: (Laughs)
To Grosjean: Your pace was amazing, dude. Really great. Well managed on the tyres, your pace was fantastic. Shame we didn’t have that 30, you would have had Leclerc I think.
Grosjean: Oh my god yes mate. Great job everyone, very happy that we got a double point finish. That’s what we want, that’s what we’re here for.
To Grosjean: Yep very good thanks a lot and good job, great drive.
To Magnussen: I loved your ‘leave me alone’ I can put it on my CV as well.
Magnussen: You know I love you mate, no worries.
To Magnussen: I love you too darling.
To Magnussen: Vamos! Good race mate.
Magnussen: Vamos!
Hartley: Thanks guys. That was the maximum I could do today.
To Hartley: You’ve done a very good race, Brendon, P11 for us.
Hartley: Sorry about the language on the radio but the thing is…
To Hartley: That’s OK, leave it behind you, don’t worry.
Hartley: Otherwise if you said we would race I would have attacked but anyway.
To Hartley: Turn the car off, that’s OK, leave it behind you.

NB. As some messages will have been transmitted simultaneously the chronology of the above extracts is not exact.

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