Tatiana Calderon completes second Formula One test for Sauber

Tatiana Calderon has completed her second test for the Sauber F1 team.

Over two days, the Colombian driver accumulated 590 kilometres of Ferrari’s test circuit Fiorano, in northern Italy, to follow on from her appearance at a filming day at Mexico City’s F1 circuit in October. On that occasion she was limited to just 100 kilometres — around 24 laps — but she completed 202 laps during her two-day test.

Calderon, 25, drove the Sauber C32, the car the team used to contest the 2013 F1 season, with Pirelli promotional tyres. On Sunday she focused on qualifying and race simulations, improving on the fastest time she had set the day before. The team lauded her performance as “excellent”.

“Overall, the past two days have been very beneficial to my development and I have gained valuable experience,” she said. “The team did a great job in the preparation as well as the implementation of my programme and I felt comfortable in the car as well as on the track.

“I look forward to putting what I have learned to practice.”

Calderon hopes to secure a drive in Formula Two for the 2019 season. This year she has been competing with Jenzer Motorsport in GP3, the series a step below F2 on the pyramid leading up to F1.