Other: How to Get an Adrenaline Rush: Racing vs. Gambling

What’s in common between racers and gamblers?

They all like adrenaline pumping through their veins. What drives them to seek it in their lives? That’s a bit more interesting and needs an explanation. You see, a high adrenaline level in your blood instantly makes you high. It’s not like drugs, but it’s sort of similar since you become capable of doing things you couldn’t even think of while you’re calm. We’re used to this feeling, and we’re always up to something exciting and risky just to feel this adrenaline rush. We’re climbing mountains, doing martial arts, racing superfast cars, playing the games of chance, and all these activities give us what we need to feed our instincts. The feeling you get while playing at the best online casino is similar to the one you get while driving a muscle car or getting into the ring with a dangerous opponent.

The world has changed drastically in recent centuries. We don’t need to hunt every day to stay alive. The risk of being mauled or trampled by a wild animal is negligible nowadays. We don’t run around fleeing from sabertooth tigers all day long yet we still need that feeling of threat that makes us think clearer. Extreme sports, as well as gambling, can give us that.

How It Works

Adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) is a survival hormone, produced by adrenal glands. Adrenaline is released when we sense danger, or when a human body encounters a stressful situation, like hypothermia or blood loss. The state of adrenaline rush starts in your brain. If the situation you’re in is considered dangerous, your senses send information to the amygdala (a part of the human brain, responsible for processing emotional data). If a threat doesn’t seem to go away, amygdala sends a signal to the hypothalamus, which acts as a headquarters of the brain, and commands your body through the sympathetic nervous system. And then, the message finally gets to adrenal glands, and they start releasing epinephrine. This hormone affects your whole body in many ways:

Makes your heart beat faster and your blood vessels contract to pump blood into your muscles. High blood pressure gives you extra strength and improved reflexes to face any danger, or reconsider your chances and flee rapidly.

Makes you breathe faster to oxygenize your whole body.

Stimulates perspiration, in case you’ve got something toxic in your system.

Stimulates your liver to break down sugar molecules and use them as fuel for your temporary boost.

When you’re doing something dangerous, like riding a supercar down the raceway through all the breakneck curves at 150 miles per hour – you’re getting your share of adrenaline. The same way it goes with gambling. In the ancient times we’ve struggled to remain alive and well-fed, but now losing money is almost the same thing. It gives us a sensation of peril, making us sweat and worry about the outcome of a game. And we love it very much! That’s one of the reasons for people to gamble: they do it to thrill themselves, and to feel themselves alive while winning or losing considerable amounts of money.

With all the information on any form of gambling or betting available on the Internet, everybody knows how it works, and still, people gamble. We assume that the part about betting a hundred and winning a million comes to their minds sometimes, but the main thing is the process itself.

Double Thrill

If you look for even more adrenaline that you can get while gambling online or watching as your favorite racer competes on Grand Prix, you may try Formula 1 bets in any suitable sportsbook. It’s way more interesting to watch the race if you know that a particular result will bring you a considerable sum of money, and all the other results will take it away from you. It’s one of a few ways to get that exciting feeling without endangering your health or even life, so if you’re keen on adrenaline – try this. Just remember that you have to play responsibly and have an unbiased look at gambling in general to succeed.