Bottas impressed how Hamilton “keeps getting better” | 2018 F1 season

Valtteri Bottas says he is paying attention to Lewis Hamilton’s technique as his world champion team mate keeps improving.

Hamilton has won the world championship in both seasons since the pair became team mates. Bottas said he’s “really impressed” by “what Lewis has done in such a short time, achieving that many championships, race wins, poles.”

“It’s not easy to keep at the top,” said Bottas. “The last two years he’s been the best in Formula 1 and there’s always other drivers that are hungry to try and beat him so it’s definitely not easy to stay there.

“He’s been able to stay there at that level for many years. I think sometimes it feels like, and Lewis has said as well, that he keeps getting better. It is impressive. I have big respect for his achievements and he truly deserves those.”

Bottas ran Hamilton close early in the season but dropped back in the championship standings and ended up having to hand victory to his team mate in Russia. But he believes there is still much he can learn from the five-times champion.

“It would be silly not to try and learn because every driver you’re racing with is different. Different driving styles, different ways of setting up the car, different knowledge on different kinds of circuits, different corners, et cetera. So [I’m] always watching closely, no matter who is my team mate.

“But especially it would be silly not to watch what Lewis is doing in terms of his driving and what kind of things he’s exploring through the race weekend. It’s simple things: racing lines, driving style, car set-up. Those kinds of things.”

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