Hamilton retracts “disrespectful move” comment about Sirotkin | 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton has retracted his description of Sergey Sirotkin’s driving as “disrespectful” following the near-miss between the pair of them during yesterday’s qualifying session.

“I woke this morning feeling I should correct some of the words I used yesterday,” Hamilton posted on social media today.

Sirotkin put two wheels on the grass when he overtook Hamilton approaching the end of their out-laps during Q2. Hamilton originally called it a “disrespectful move”.

“I was wrong,” Hamilton posted today, “it wasn’t a disrespectful move by Sergey, it was a misunderstanding and I honestly attempted to get out of his way.

“Didn’t work that well but shit happens and I respect the way he handled it.”

This article will be updated.

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