Vettel: Losing 2009 title was worse than 2018 defeat | 2018 F1 season

Sebastian Vettel says his first championship defeat in 2009 was more painful than missing out on a fifth world title to Lewis Hamilton this year.

Vettel lost the championship to Hamilton in Mexico with two races to go, just as he did last year.

“I have been three times now in a position like that with ’17, ’09 and this year,” he said. “Probably ’09 was the worst one, the lowest point.

“You never know what next year brings so you never know whether you get another chance. Obviously I worked very hard for it and I’m confident it will come but ultimately I don’t know, you can’t predict. None of those moments were nice.”

Vettel remained in the hunt for the 2009 championship until the penultimate race. He went into that race 15 points behind eventual champion Jenson Button with a maximum of 20 available. Vettel finished fourth in the race ahead of Button, who clinched the title with one race to spare.

The following year Vettel began a run of four consecutive world championship victories with Red Bull. He said he remains determined to win his next title with Ferrari.

“I still have a mission here and I still want to win<” he said. “o that hasn’t changed. Obviously last race was a tough one to swallow and probably the winter will be as well. But giving up is not an opinion.” [follow] [leaderboard2]

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