Other: How To Tie F1 And Ice Hockey Together

It is hard to deny that F1 and hockey are amongst two of the most popular sports in the world.

Not only do both of these sports contain highly trained professionals, but they offer some of the most intense and exciting entertainment that you will ever experience if your entire life. It is true that F1 is a racing sport and hockey is played on two legs, but both sports might have more in common than you imagined. Below, you will learn how you can tie the two sports together.

Fighting In Both Sports

Hockey is notoriously known for it bare-knuckled brawls. This is one of the aspects of the game that fans have grown to love. Well, when most people think of F1 drivers they think of them as soft-spoken, diplomatic and boring. For the most part, this might be true, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to throw down when things get heated. In fact, there have been tons of F1 brawls. Nelson Piquet and Eliseo Salazar are just one of the many. Back in 1982 at the German Grand Prix the two crashed when Piquet tried to pass Salazar. Salazar felt like he had been cheated and immediately took after Piquet and landed several blows before the two were separated.

Unique Equipment And Uniforms

F1 drivers require unique equipment and uniforms just like hockey players. It is true that hockey plays equipment might be more in depth, but each uniform and helmet is specifically designed to protect the hockey player or the racecar driver. Without this equipment they would not be able to safely do their jobs and please fans around the world. When it comes to investing in hockey skates these are some of the skates that Hockey Pursuits would recommend.


If there is one thing that you could say about hockey and F1 it is that both sports are backed with diversity. Hockey players come from different nationalities and all walks of life. And, the same thing can be said about F1 drivers. It would not be unrealistic to find a hockey player from Venezuela or an F1 driver from Switzerland.

Speed Kills

It is highly known that speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to racing. If you are not around the corner before your opponent you are going to be left behind. Well, speed is just as important in hockey. The faster you get down to the other end of the rink, the better your chances of making a goal. Of course, you still have to deal with the goalie, but your chances of scoring one on one goes way up, as opposed to having to battle through a bunch of defenders. It is also important to get to the puck faster than the opponent.

A Team Sport

When most people think of racing they only tend to think of the driver. Sure, the driver might be the star of the show, but he is not the only one involved. He could not do his job without his pit crew or crew chief. In fact, drivers are in constant contact with their pit crew through a headset. This is the same manner in which hockey player rely on each other.