Rivals seeking to destabilise Ferrari claims Arrivabene

In recent weeks there has been speculation in some sections of the media linking Ferrari technical director Mattia Binotto with a move to Mercedes and James Allison to Renault.

Speaking at the final day of Ferrari Finali Mondiali at Monza at the weekend, Maurizio Arrivabene was keen to address the speculation.

“Let’s make it clear once and for all,” said the Italian, whose own future at the team has been the subject of speculation. “The rumours about Mattia are fake news, put around to create instability in the team, an attempt to try to create problems where there are no problems, and I do not want to comment on false rumours anymore.

“During this season there have been many attempts at destabilization,” he continued, according to Motorsport.com, “sometimes with stories about the drivers, others about the technicians.

“My position? Ask the managing director Camilleri,” he added, smiling, the new Ferrari boss also attending the event.

Asked if there will be changes behind the scenes following Ferrari‘s failure to secure the title or even additions to the team, he replied: “No one has ever spoken of goodbyes, possibly we can talk about reinforcements. But it takes time, we’ll think about it next season. Today the team is there, and it’s a good and compact team.

“If there are reinforcements they will arrive without any haste, I stress it, and if we need to have them. The line is that of stability, if there are additions they will not undermine the soundness of the existing group. A team that works only needs reinforcements, not revolutions. Personally, I have never believed in revolutions, but in evolution.”

Of course, while talk of Binotto could well be intended to destabilise Ferrari, talk of Allison heading to Renault must surely be intended to destabilise Mercedes… or Renault.