Radio Ga Ga Mexico – That's how you do it, baby! Just like I taught you!

We look back on the best team radio transmissions in Mexico after Lewis Hamilton won the championship and Max Verstappen won the race.

“Yeah, this Giovinazzi is an idiot! F—ing bunch of amateurs!”
Brendon Hartley gets increasingly frustrated with traffic in first practice. On this occasion his fury was aimed at Sauber’s 2019 race driver Antonio Giovinazzi.

“If he could stop moving back to the right in Turn 4 that would help a lot. I cannot attack because he is just moving back on the racing line. I know my front wing is next to him and if I go for it I am just going to crash into him.”
Romain Grosjean offers some advice to Sergey Sirotkin as he gets stuck behind the Williams in the early stages of the race.

“Verstappen two seconds behind.”
“F— me! It’s a different world, huh?”
“It is indeed.”

Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg marvels at the pace of the Red Bull as he is informed that Max Verstappen is about to lap him on lap 30 of the race.

“Ah f—! Nothing is going well in the race.”
After a collison on the first lap, Esteban Ocon has more contact with Brendon Hartley later in the race.

“Okay, we’ve just got Raikkonen right in our Safety Car window…”
“Is that really important right now?”

With the championship on the line and major issues with his tyres, Lewis Hamilton questions whether Kimi Raikkonen’s progress is really essential information for him.

“What a f—ing joke. These guys.”
Daniel Ricciardo vents his frustration at backmarkers as he gets held up in the final few corners and Sebastian Vettel takes advantage to pass him into Turn 1 on the next lap.

“Smoke coming from his car…”
Sebastian Vettel smells blood (and clutch smoke) as Ricciardo’s Red Bull starts to fail.

“Okay mate, we may have a bit of a problem… OK, you’ll have very heavy steering, stop the car, stop the car.”
“Oh man.”
“Sorry I don’t know what to say, you were doing a brilliant job.”
“Me too… alright. I’ll save it.”

Ricciardo just about keeps a lid on it as he is told to retire his Red Bull from second place.

“Check my engine. If we need to turn it down, turn it down.”
Race leader Verstappen grows concerned that his race victory could go the same way as teammate Ricciardo’s podium.

“That was purple in sector three, we don’t need it.”
“I know we don’t need it, but it’s nice.”
“Yep, OK Max that’s purple, please slow it down. And there you go, Bottas on a fresh set. It’s out of reach, don’t worry about it. Bring it home.”

Despite his concerns, Verstappen was still trying to set fastest laps on lap 65 of 71. He is informed to take it easy by his race engineer as Valtteri Bottas is also going for the fastest lap on fresher, softer tyres.

“Ah, what a great Sunday!”
Relief in the cockpit of car 33 as Verstappen takes his second victory of the season.

“Hey Lewis, congrats man! That’s how you do it, baby! Just like I taught you! That’s how, that’s how you do it! Just like that! That’s how you are supposed to drive!”
Who knew Hamilton had a driver coach? Will Smith hijacks Radio Mercedes to send his congratulations to the new five-time champion.

“Thank you guys so much for your hard work. That was a tough weekend but it was a whole year of great work.”
Hamilton thanks his team for delivering him a fifth world title.