Verstappen: Engine quick enough despite “weird noises” | 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

Max Verstappen says his Renault power unit was not performing the way he wanted it to on Friday but was satisfied with its performance after heading both practice sessions in Mexico.

“It’s been good,” said Verstappen. “In my short runs it was still not perfect, the engine was still not behaving like I wanted.

“It was doing some weird noises and [not] behaving so I couldn’t really do the lap that I wanted. But it still was quick enough so it was a very satisfying day.”

Verstappen came to a stop on the track before the end of the second practice session. However the team believes the problem was a hydraulic failure rather than a power unit problem. Team principal Christian Horner confirmed Verstappen has a spare engine which he can use if needed without taking a penalty.

After the first day of running the 2017 winner said Red Bull appears to be “more competitive than last year”.

However he expects Mercedes and Ferrari to come back stronger on Saturday after under-performing on the first day at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

“At the moment it’s looking really good but I’m sure they will work a lot overnight to try and improve as well.”

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