No ‘splits’ at Ferrari – Arrivabene

Maurizio Arrivabene has played down rumours that Ferrari is splitting apart.

With the Maranello team’s 2018 title hopes in tatters, some believe Arrivabene could leave the team while Sebastian Vettel could be ousted after 2019.

“To me this story is a bit funny. As soon as things do not go in the direction we like, the talking starts about splits,” team boss Arrivabene told Sky Italia.

“But I’ve said it a million times and hopefully it’s the last time: discussions are fine, but it has nothing to do with splitting.”

The Italian also played down suggestions Ferrari complained about the legality of Mercedes’ car heading into the US grand prix weekend.

“We have a federation that makes the rules and the technical directives and for the moment I prefer not to comment because the issue is still open,” he said.