New wings will make 2019 cars “uglier” – Verstappen | 2019 F1 season

Max Verstappen isn’t convinced Formula 1’s new front wings for next season will aid overtaking but says they will spoil the look of the cars.

New regulations will force teams to use simpler front wings next year. This is being done to make it easier for cars to follow each other more closely by reducing the ‘outwashing’ effect.

However to help teams recoup the lost downforce from that change the maximum width of the front wings has been increased to two metres, equal to the full width of the car. Verstappen is sceptical about how well the plan will work.

“It might help a little bit,” he told his official website, “but what I’m already reading is that next year we’ll have about the same downforce as this year, so I think that the benefit will be limited.

It only looks somewhat uglier, but maybe the design will be refined before the next season.”

Formula 1 last had full-width front wings in 2013, when cars were 1.8 metres wide.

Verstappen said he hopes F1’s planned overhaul of car design in 2021 creates cars which can race each other more closely. “If it is still good to drive and overtaking will improve, I can agree with it, even though the car looks very futuristic,” he said. “It also depends on how much downforce we lose with the new regulations.”

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