Mexico and USA “the two most important races” for Perez | 2018 F1 season

Sergio Perez considers the upcoming Formula 1 rounds at his home track and nearby Austin as “the two most important races” for him.

The championship moves on to the Circuit of the Americas this weekend before visiting Perez’s home track in Mexico City the weekend after.

“They’re big races for me especially [because] they’re very close to home,” said Perez, whose home town of Guadalajara lies 460km west of Mexico City and 1,200km south of Austin. “I’ve got more of my family there, it feels closer.

“I race so far from Mexico that when I’m back, especially that part of the year when you are so tired of travelling such long distances, it’s nice to have two races where I am so close to home. So the support and motivation is very high for those two.”

Despite Mexico’s return to the F1 calendar three years ago the Circuit of the Americas continues to attract a strong audience from Mexico. “It’s a lot of Mexicans there,” said Perez.

“Probably the two most important races for me where I want to do the best possible job,” he added.

“I love Austin. It’s a very challenging track. In qualifying it’s always a great place. And Mexico is very challenging as well because with the low downforce we have there from the altitude it’s quite a challenge.”

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