McLaren make another very conservative tyre selection for USA | 2018 United States Grand Prix

McLaren has again made by far the most conservative tyre selection of the 10 teams for next week’s United States Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso will have six sets of the hardest tyres available, the softs, while team mate Stoffel Vandoorne has selected five. No other driver will have more than three.

The team has chosen just five sets of the softest tyres, the ultra-softs, which is also the fewest of any team.

McLaren’s conservative tyre selection for the previous race in Japan prompted claims they had missed the deadline for choosing their tyres and been assigned a default selection. The team denied this was the case, but admitted it had got its tyre choice “wrong”.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting said he did not believe the team had been late with its tyre choices. “What we would normally do if they haven’t selected it the day before would be give them a quick call and say ‘don’t forget you’ve got to make your tyre choice’,” he explained.

Championship contenders Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have made similar tyre selections. Vettel has one more set of the ultra-softs than Hamilton, who has more softs.

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2018 United States Grand Prix tyre selections

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