Hartley says poor start ruined his race | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

Brendon Hartley says a poor start wrecked his race after both Toro Rosso drivers failed to score in Japan.

“It was a disappointing day for everyone at Toro Rosso,” said Hartley. “We had two cars started sixth and seventh and we both finished outside of the points.”

A poor getaway spoiled Hartley’s race, he explained. “I had really poor traction off the line, huge wheelspin.”

“I lost a couple of places before turn two. It didn’t feel like my procedure was too bad on the start so I need to check on that one.”

Hartley fell from sixth to 10th at the start, then lost further places over the rest of his first stint. His poor start “massively overheated the tyres on the rear”, he said.

“They’re so sensitive that this really affected my entire first stint. I got them back into range and at the end of the stint the lap times started to be a bit more competitive and I could’ve stayed out a bit longer.

“But when we pitted I came out behind both Williamses. It took me quite a few laps to get past Lance Stroll, I did a good overtake on Sirotkin and then I was stuck behind Marcus Ericsson.”

Hartley’s traction problems recurred in his second stint, he said.

“I had a lot more pace but with the traction issues I had I couldn’t make the overtake and I started to suffer with blisters on the tyre at the end. I believe the other car had the same problem. I really suffered big time.

“We’ve been quite good on tyres all year and this race was quite the opposite. The rear axle on the first stint on my can and both cars had blistered in the second stint. So a bit of understanding to do, to understand exactly why that happened today.

“But we were clearly disappointed not to have any car in the points after such a promising qualifying yesterday.”

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