Hamilton surprised Ferrari have “lost a lot of performance” | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton says he is surprised how much less competitive Ferrari have been in recent races.

The Mercedes driver scored his fourth consecutive win and moved within striking distance of the championship. Meanwhile Ferrari have lost the performance advantage they enjoyed a few races ago.

“Up until the mid-part of the season they were very strong,” said Hamilton. “And then we obviously got to Monza and then after that they were still quite strong.”

“Then at Singapore was when it really started to tail off. I definitely hadn’t anticipated that they would tail off as they have.

“Not only have they lost a lot of performance, just performances have not been coming in the same as they had before, as strong as they were before. I don’t really have an answer for that and it’s not something I’m really focused on. I’m sure Sebastian [Vettel] could tell you why

“We’ve just been focusing on trying to do the best job we can and maximise the potential of our own ability, that’s all we can do.”

Hamilton can win the championship in the next race at the Circuit of the Americas. However he saud he will continue to “take it one step at a time.”

“Each week you have a positive weekend and you go to another grand prix and you’re not sure how you’re going to fare and how you’re going to perform, because there are still gaps in between.

“But I think we have gone from strength to strength this year as a team, so I really hope that we can. Austin is usually a good track for us, so I can’t wait to unleash this beast there.”

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