Ricciardo: I'm so p****d!

Other than the speculation over Ferrari‘s sudden lack of pace, the other big conspiracy doing the rounds – certainly on social media – is how Daniel Ricciardo‘s various technical issues have all appeared to surface since the Australian announced his decision to leave Red Bull for Renault.

Today, the usually effervescent Aussie was uncharacteristically down following the issue which prevented him from posting a time in Q2, and which means he will start tomorrow’s race form 15th on the grid.

Indeed, at one point the popular driver was heard moaning with despair from within his helmet.

“I just blew out my vocals,” he subsequently told reporters. “I’m so pissed!

“As soon as I went on the throttle I knew something was up,” he admitted. “I felt a loss of power out of the last corner, just before I started the lap.

“It was a throttle actuator,” he revealed, “basically it broke, a mechanical piece broke. It’s a piece that’s about eight millimetres thick, apparently they take a beating. I just can’t catch a break at the moment.”

Asked if he can still extract a decent result tomorrow, Ricciardo, who has finished sixth twice and failed to finish twice since announcing his move, replied: “Hopefully, we’ll see.

“Qualifying is important here, like always,” he added, “but it’s hard to follow and whatever but I’ll do what I can. I don’t know, it’s pretty painful at the moment.

“I was just sitting with my engineer before and we really struggled to think of a smooth weekend we’ve had from start to finish. I don’t want it to come across all negative, but I think it’s just more that we’ve had a really unlucky one. Obviously I’m frustrated and fed up, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me.”

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