Russian Grand Prix – Radio Ga Ga –

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Russian Grand Prix, where Ferrari continued its comedic misunderstandings Lewis Hamilton moved one step closer to a fifth world title with a win in controversial circumstances.

“Kimi we need the…
“Yeah but we’re going to miss the…”
“Charlie, 30, Zero, on,”
“OK, but we’re going to miss the…”

Ferrari prepares to send Kimi Raikkonen for a final time in FP3 to get a practice start at the end of the pit-lane, but the Finn is wary the clock appears to be about to expire…

“Stop the car, Kimi!.”
“The f—? What a f—— mess.”

As Raikkonen is finally released from the garage he is immediately told to stop again as the team realises he won’t be able to reach the pit exit before the red light. Raikkonen was bemused and he would be again before the weekend was finished…

“Kimi, do the opposite to Hamilton.”
“But I cannot even see him!?”

As the pit stop window approaches, Ferrari asks Raikkonen to do the opposite to Hamilton in terms of pitting or staying out — the only problem is that Raikkonen is too far behind to see the Mercedes.

“Fernando, Stroll has been told he is OK and one dash of quali left”
“Yes mate. We are 15th, I don’t care.”

Another classic from Fernando Alonso, who seems to be counting down the day until he leaves F1 at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“So you need to let Lewis by into Turn 13 this lap.”
“I was going to go faster next lap.”
“Valtteri, it’s James. We had a risk with Lewis against Vettel, he has a small blister. I had to do this to make sure we secure this, I understand.”

The moment Bottas is told to surrender the lead of the Russian Grand Prix to Mercedes teammate Hamilton.

“So how are we going to finish the race?”
“A-ffirm Valtteri, positions stay as they are. We will talk about it after the race.”

Bottas checks with Mercedes to see if there’s any chance of another swap in positions before the chequered flag.

”Alright guys, that doesn’t feel great. A big congrats to the whole team, just a great effort for the whole weekend.”

He may have taken another giant step towards a fifth drivers’ title, but Hamilton was in no mood to celebrate his eighth win of the campaign.

”Valtteri, this is Toto. Difficult day for you and difficult day for us. Let’s discuss it afterwards when we come together and explain things.”

Another cameo from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff who consoles and tells Bottas they will discuss the team’s decision to use team orders shortly after the race.