Vettel criticises partial resurfacing of Sochi grid | 2018 Russian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel says it is “wrong” that a small section of the Sochi grid has been resurfaced.

New Tarmac was laid over the first three places on the grid prior to the race weekend. Vettel qualified third (where Giuliano Alesi, above, started today’s GP3 race) and will start on the new section with the two Mercedes drivers. It remains to be seen whether it might confer an advantage on them or the 17 cars starting behind them.

But Vettel believes if part of the starting grid needed to be resurfaced then the entire grid should have been as well.

“I think the grip should be a bit higher,” said Vettel. “[But] I think it’s wrong to resurface just a bit, whether that’s positions one/two/three, or four/five/six, eight/nine/ten, it doesn’t matter.

“If you resurface something of the grid you should resurface everything. But it is what it is.”

Pole sitter Valtteri Bottas said the effect of the new surface is “a little bit unknown”.

“Usually new Tarmac tends to have a bit more grip but also it depends on the type of Tarmac. We’ve been only driving around that part of the track in non-grip-limited conditions, so flat-out. We’ll find out tomorrow how it’s going to affect.”

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