Hamilton predicts ‘boring race for the fans’ | 2018 Russian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton is pessimistic about the prospects of this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix being a good race following the first day of practice.

The Mercedes driver said he found it hard to follow other cars closely on the Sochi track even when he had a performance advantage over them.

“As soon as you get within a few seconds of another car it’s pretty difficult to even get close,” he said. “Even with a tyre difference. I was trying to catch someone that was on soft tyres and I was on hypers.

“That’s the bad thing about this track, unfortunately. I don’t really know what they can to do make it better.”

Hamilton doubts tyre strategy will create much opportunity for racing either.

“Unfortunately it’s most likely going to be something like a one-stop race which means it’s going to be boring for the fans,” he said. “Immediately I already know it’s going to be boring because it’s so hard to follow.”

Pirelli motorsport director Mario Isola expects the higher levels of tyre degradation seen on Friday will prompt teams to manage their pace for much of the race.

“As happened in the last races we know that teams will manage the pace,” he said. “And this is not good because we prefer to see a race where they are pushing, not where they will managing the pace.

“But with increased degradation this year we know the tendency this year is to manage degradation in order to avoid a second stop.”

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