Lewis Hamilton: Ferrari needs to bring its 'A game' to beat Mercedes

Following his win at the Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes is bringing its ‘A game’ to every race weekend and Ferrari has to do the same if it is to wrestle back the momentum in the race for this year’s championship.

At a track where Mercedes was expected to struggle, Hamilton dominated at the Marina Bay Street Circuit to claim a seventh victory of 2018. Hamilton’s fourth career victory in Singapore means he leads Vettel by 40 points with six rounds remaining.

Hamilton believes Mercedes is currently performing at the peak of its powers as the German manufacturer looks to secure the drivers’ and constructors’ titles for a fifth straight season.

“I mean even coming into this weekend we still felt they were [the team to beat],” Hamilton told Sky Sports. ” I have tremendous belief in this team, I truly believe we’re more united and I think I’ve got the smartest group of guys in my team and I think they’re all bringing their A game.

“They’re bringing their A game and I am bringing my A game so unless you’re coming up with straight with the ace and that’s what we’re bringing every weekend right now.”

Hamilton hasn’t finished outside the top two since the Austrian Grand Prix in early July and he thinks Mercedes needs to maintain its current approach and aim to win every race despite its healthy lead in the championship.

“I honestly, I think I am improving weekend in, weekend out,” Hamilton added. “I am learning more about the car, I am learning more about the tyres and I am able to pull out those laps like yesterday. There’s still more to come.

“We will keep going through these next races and there will be more improvements with the car, with the ride, with the bumps, with all these different things. We’ve just got to keep on it. We can’t change our approach, we’ve just to keep going hard.”