Hamilton: Singapore win proves my lifestyle is no distraction | 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton says his Singapore Grand Prix victory proves his busy lifestyle away from the track doesn’t compromise his performance on

The world championship leader spent the week leading up to the Singapore Grand Prix touring the world to promote his new fashion range with Tommy Hilfiger. Hamilton’s hectic schedule outside F1 has prompted questions in the past about whether they are a distraction from his motorsport career, but he believes he has proven that isn’t the case having rallied from an early-season slump to take a 40-point championship lead.

“[At] the start of the year I felt great and then we tailed off and we had some struggles with understanding the car and how to utilise the equipment we had tyre-wise and balance-wise,” Hamilton told media following his win in Singapore. “And then we had a couple of so-so races and luckily we found our footing.”

“There’s always areas you can improve on which we will continue to work on. But I feel driving-wise on the track I definitely feel like my knowledge and my approach, the balance I have in my life in general I think is really good.

“I have no doubts this weekend, I know some of you asked some questions this weekend – and you actually asked them quite nicely rather than aggressive which you could have done – but I’m glad that you’ve seen this performance this weekend.

“And also for Toto [Wolff]. Toto really has been so instrumental in allowing me to bring Tommy along which has been a life-changing experience having them part of our team and having the opportunity to do what I’m doing with them, it’s been really amazing, such a blessing. And I said to Toto don’t for a second let it creep into you mind that I don’t want to win this championship more than anything. That’s my priority.

“So that’s why I was saying to you guys the other day and you can see that from my time [on Saturday] and my drive [in the race]. So that won’t change.

“People have asked me if I need to change my approach. I think we’ve got a great approach as a team. We’ve out-performed, often, a car that’s slightly better. We’ve out-performed them as a team. And we just need to keep doing that.”

Wolff said Hamilton’s performance in Singapore vindicates the team’s decision to let him pursue his other interests away from the track.

“Since six years I have heard how can you allow Lewis to fly around the world and you know what? He did it to his most extreme in the last 10 days, he was in Shanghai on the catwalk, he was in New York a couple of days later and he came here rock and roll and blew everybody away.

“Let’s just be not judgemental and allow everybody to decide how they perform best. He knows best what is good for him.”

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