Sauber six seconds quicker than last year in Singapore | Lap Time Watch: 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

Formula 1 has made the biggest leap in performance of the year so far at Singapore, where the quickest lap time of the weekend is more than three seconds faster than last year.

But some teams have found even more lap time than that. Sauber are leading the way, having lapped the track more than six seconds quicker than they did in 2017.

The track has changed slightly compared to last year as turns 16 and 17 have been realigned. But this minor alteration has trimmed just two metres off the five kilometre lap.

Arguably the most significant improvement of the weekend has come at Mercedes. Last year the silver cars were six-tenths of a second off pole position, but in 2018 they are over four seconds quicker, Hamilton setting pole with a 1’36.015.

Was a 1’35 possible? Mercedes could have been beaten to pole by either of their closest rivals.

Max Verstappen was on target to improve his lap time until an engine glitch spoiled his final run. And Sebastian Vettel also felt he had a car capable of taking pole position.

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2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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