Carey admits issues with F1's streaming service

Check out social media most race weekends, and while some fans are delighted with Formula One’s ‘bells and whistles’ OTT streaming service, others feel it still leaves a lot to be desired.

While it appears the developers are gradually getting there, fans are frustrated not only by the unreliability of both F1 TV and F1TV Pro, but the fact they are paying for a product that still clearly needs a lot more development.

“Probably not unexpectedly we have had some of the issues a lot of people do from building a tech stack, in that whether that led to the product not launching conditionally where we targeted and some bumps we have to work out a bit,” admitted F1 boss Chase Carey in a conference call yesterday.

“I think probably we certainly expected and recognised that was part of the reality of this year which is much more about getting the product to where we want to,” he added.

“This year’s priority is getting the product to where we want it at this point in time to really give it a proper commercial launch next season.

“I think we have probably worked through most of the significant technological bugs but not all,” he admitted.

“It’s more important to get it right than to do it fast,” he insisted, “so I think for us this year is about getting the product to the place we want it to be at this stage of its life and then give it a proper commercial launch next year.”

And to think you mocked Ronspeak.