New McLaren F1 director De Ferran “older and wiser” since BAR/Honda stint | RaceFans Round-up

In the round-up: McLaren’s new sporting director Gil de Ferran says he’s “older and wiser” since he last held a senior position at a Formula 1 team a decade ago.

What they say

RaceFans asked de Ferran what has changed since his spell at BAR and Honda between 2005 and 2007:

I’m older and wiser. I think we had some success even back 10 years ago. We were able… particularly 2006 was a fairly competitive season, managed to win a race with Jenson [Button] in Hungary in difficult conditions where he frankly drove brilliantly.

[Now] 12 years later I feel personally more prepared. Wiser, more experienced, over the last 10 years I’ve done all sorts of different things including running my own team. I feel ready for the challenge.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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