An Ambulance Caused Chaos In A Nascar Race When It Tried To Enter The Pits

There was a bizarre incident during recent Monster Energy Nascar Cup race at Richmond when an ambulance driver didn’t quite know what to do during a caution period.

Instead of staying well out of the way, the driver tried to enter the pits and stopped just before the entrance, causing drivers to have to suddenly slow down and go around it.

Thankfully no-one hit it, but in the jam driver Matt Kenseth (who had been fighting for the win) made contact with the back of another car, ultimately putting him out of the race.

That put Kenseth at risk from missing out on the championship playoffs, which begin next weekend. However thanks to a win from Kyle Larson (who was already in the playoffs) Kenseth made it through.

Nascar say the ambulance driver failed to follow directions to keep out of the way, but the whole incident is going to be investigated to ensure it doesn’t happen again.