Teammate crashes

After the unfortunate events that caused Daniel Ricciardo to retire from the recent Hungarian Grand Prix, I’ve tried to compile a list of videos, specifically, teammate crashes in Formula 1 over the years.

First up, Max runs into Daniel. 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Nico and Lewis coming together in Spain.

Who can forget Ayrton and Prost crashing to cost Senna the championship under the somewhat controversial circumstance of Senna going through the


Vettel gives no space, Webber has nowhere to go, the inevitable occurs.

Hamilton tries a risky move on Button, who I dare say never saw him coming.

Ericsson and Wehrlein have their weekly on track team meeting.

Perez and Ocon try to get on the TV, it worked.

Vettel and Kimi try to squeeze into turn 1 with Max up the inside. Spoiler: It didn’t work.

Kyvat and Sainz racing hard and fast… and crashing into each other again.

Coulthard and Hakkinen try to share the same bit of track.

Derek Daly and Jean-Pierre Jarier

2 Jordans in Monza = Frentzen and Trulli got a nice walk to the pits

Morbidelli and Martini cross paths

Warwick and Tambay both try for a critically good start at Monaco, it does not pay off for either in treacherous conditions

Martini (again) this time with Fittipaldi trying to use him as a ramp… it kind of worked.

Mass and Hunt collide, but the Marshall cops the worst of this encounter.

Sato and Fisichella double take down

Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya

(No video to show yet)

A French man and a Brazilian entered a corner, both had a bad day. No, not a joke when Villeneuve and Zonta tangled that’s what happened.

Ralf Schumacher &amp; Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan) – 1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix </strong>

(No video yet)

Ralf Schumacher & Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan) – 1997 Argentinian Grand Prix</strong>

Now champion Nico and ‘oh so close’ Mark Webber shared more than talent, they also shared paint.

Another one of Nico and Lewis ‘battling’ for the championship

Tiago Monteiro &amp; Christijan Albers (whoever they are), racing for ‘Midland’ (can’t say I know of the team either!)

Monteiro &amp; Albers (again)

Monty and Mini-Schuey having a clumsy coming together

The 2nd Schumacher and Monty going again for the same ground

Jean Alesi and Heidfeld beating the traffic out of the circuit

Andrea de Cesaris &amp; Bruno Giacomelli

Gachot &amp; Katayama racing for Larrousse looking rather amateur hour

Bertrand Gachot &amp; Ukyo Katayama again having a simple and rather silly mistake

2 Legends of the sport pushing hard, and pushing slightly too hard as it turns out. Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni in the Ferrari

Clay Regazzoni &amp; Niki Lauda

Clay Regazzoni &amp; Niki Lauda (Ferrari)  – 1975 Spanish Grand Prix

(No video yet)

Alex Caffi &amp; Andrea de Cesaris </strong>– 1989 United States Grand Prix

(No video yet)


This is not all of them, please reply with any I’ve missed!