Driver Dresses As Awkward Fan, Takes Selfies With Unsuspecting Rivals

If you don’t follow Jordan Taylor on social media you’re missing out. The sportscar driver, who races in the IMSA series and at Le Mans is always uploading amusing clips and doing hilarious posts, and his latest video is one of the best yet.

Disguised as alter-ego and super-fan ‘Rodney Sandstorm’ Jordan wandered the paddock at Daytona during a recent test session, grabbing selfies with unsuspecting drivers and team personnel.

The looks on the faces of the guys who realise who he is are priceless. And that outfit…

It’s not even the first time he’s become Rodney Sandstorm. What a legend.

So my neighbors are moving out and new people have been coming by to check out the house. My goal over the next few days, weeks, months, or however long it takes, is to confuse both the potential buyers and realtor(s). I will introduce myself each day as a new character, with a new story. Today, I am Rodney Sandstorm. You can call me Rod though. I’ve been on the lake for a few years now, it’s a great neighborhood. We have some bald eagles and a lot of squirrels. The bald eagles poop in my backyard and my dog rolls in it all the time. It’s really annoying. Anyway, I made a small fortune a few years ago with my invention of the Flossa Raptor. It’s a dental device that can floss your mouth in under four seconds. Now I enjoy my life here with my dog. He’s actually on the Instagram if you know what that is. I can see yer eyes wandering down towards my lower half, so let me explain. These jorts are made out of organic Jean fibers. They’re a very rare brand and I custom hemmed them myself. My Chevrolet belt buckle is not organic, but it is all natural, 100% American. I’m also not wearing any underwear because I want to be as free as possible, both literally and figuratively, just like this great country we live in. I don’t care to hear about your children, how you do crossfit, how you eat specifically vegan foods, or how you’re going green to save our planet. If you bring these things up, I will automatically put you in my ‘social box’ along with the people who stand on moving walkways. I would only care to converse productively and deeply. For example, if you watched the latest episode of The Bachelorette, I could sit down with you for hours and discuss. As you can see by my build, I spend most of my time these days powerlifting in the gym. Anyway, it was great meeting you. I’ll see you around. #RodneySandstorm

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