Kvyat offered 'no real explanation' for demotion

How will Kvyat react? (2:31)

Jennie Gow and Maurice Hamilton discuss Daniil Kvyat’s move to Toro Rosso after his recent clashes and question how he could react. (2:31)

Daniil Kvyat says Red Bull did not offer a full explanation when it decided to demote him to Toro Rosso and promote Max Verstappen in his place.

The decision was made following Kvyat’s scrappy home race in Russia in which he twice hit Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in the opening corners of the race. But Kvyat claims he has not been given a full explanation for the decision, which is likely to be a major setback in his career as he rejoins the team he made his debut with in 2014.

“There was no real explanation to be honest,” he said ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. “I think if the bosses want something to happen, they will make it happen — simple as that.”

Kvyat revealed he was watching TV series Game of Thrones when the news was broken to him over the phone by Red Bull boss Helmut Marko.

“I was in Moscow, I was laying on the sofa, I was watching a TV series and then the phone call comes. ‘Hello, and well we have some news for you…’ I think it was about a 20 minute talk and I wanted to have a lot of explanation and I got to know many interesting details I must say, I think I will keep it for myself for now…

“I finished the talk and I went back to finish watching my TV series.”

Asked why he thought Red Bull made the swap, Kvyat said: “It’s really hard to say exactly, like I said it’s not really a question for me because it wasn’t my decision first of all. To me I was working, I was giving my best ever race, we had another very difficult start to the season, I didn’t even get to start the Australian race again two years in a row.

“There were some strange things going on in Bahrain but I believe that since China we picked up a good pace and it was coming. It was a little bit similar to last year but it was getting better and better race-to-race and qualifying in Sochi was very competitive and the race pace was also getting better.

“We know that Formula One is a very general sport sometimes; hard work is sometimes not enough so let’s wait and see. I learned quite a lot the last few days, last few weeks and it’s made me very strong and I feel very strong now and I’m looking forward showing it in Toro Rosso now with a team that supports me and a team that I feel we have a lot of unfinished business together I think and I think we should finish it together.”

Kvyat intends to show his true potential at the remaining 17 races this season.

“Obviously the decision was a bit of a shock for myself but it is what it is at the moment. I think I have always been giving my answers on the track and I think nothing will change. I will try to give as loud a response as possible on the track. There are 17 races remaining.

“I think now what is ahead, in front of both of us is a lot of hard work again because we both changed the team and I think the people around us will be able to evaluate the job we are both doing in these circumstances. I think it will be interesting to see who will be able to work better and harder in terms of bringing in the results to both teams we are now with, so let’s just wait and see, the season is very long.”