Grosjean keen for NASCAR debut if possible

Romain Grosjean is excited by the prospect of racing in NASCAR this year if an agreement can be reached with Stewart-Haas Racing … and his wife.

Grosjean drives for Gene Haas’ Formula One team and is keen to make an appearance for his boss’s NASCAR outfit if the opportunity can be arranged. Haas is working on the plan, but may hit a snag as NASCAR teams are no longer allowed to field a fifth car for rookie drivers.

NASCAR chief operating officer Brent Dewar told in February that the fifth-car provision for a rookie was eliminated as part of NASCAR’s new charter system, which guarantees entry to 36 cars each week. Sprint Cup Series Director Richard Buck confirmed that rule to on Wednesday, so Grosjean would not be able to drive a Stewart-Haas Racing car unless he substituted for one of the team’s four full-time drivers.

Asked how the plans were developing, Grosjean told reporters in Spain: “So far I haven’t spoken with my wife!”

But if an agreement can be reached, Grosjean would like to race on a road course rather than an oval.

“Definitely I want to do it,” he added. “It’s something we discussed since day one and it would be a great experience. Whether it happens, I don’t know. With 21 races it is quite tight. You don’t want to start on an oval, I wouldn’t be very comfortable. We will find what is possible to do.”

Additional reporting by Bob Pockrass