Why F1 can't turn its back on manufacturers

We often hear claims that Formula 1 has to be ‘road relevant’ and boast the potential for ‘technology transfer’ – but what does that really mean between a 900bhp single-seater and what’s on offer in your local showroom?

Formula 1 offers a lot to road car manufacturers in terms of its global reach, the number of eyeballs that tune in to watch races, and the marketing efforts possible around such a high-profile sport. But offset that by the hundreds of millions it costs to compete at the top level – how can it be worth it? How can racing in F1 improve the breed in 2017?

An interesting case study is Renault, and its alliance with Nissan. The Japanese marque’s luxury brand, which first appeared in the United States, is Infiniti – whose name you currently see emblazoned on the RS17’s engine cover. 

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